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Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer HD (by Marvel Entertainment)

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I thought you said that we were like family? Well, I think that, too.
Shouldn’t trust run both ways?

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"Literally objects start moving when the guy enters a room.  He’s an actor of uncommon power and uncommon humanity. — Guillermo del Toro

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I just never realized how long you’ve been cleaning up dad’s messes.

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my favorite part of Tom’s appearance: the fans respect him and Loki’s character so much that they’re willing to actually give him power over them. Every single time he silenced the crowd with just a finger over his lips, it got quiet in 2 seconds flat whereas it usually takes celebrities a while to calm people. And when he told people to kneel, the actually fucking kneeled. 

when did this even get notes

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I’m sorry, but Dean’s panty kink is the best thing about him.

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